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À propos de Dangerous Things (New version):

Dangerous Things (New version)

Label Private: Private Classics

Date de sortie:01/05/2009

Réalisé par: Antonio Adamo


Dangerous Things is a super classic XXX movie from Antonio Adamo and starring one of the most popular names ever in hardcore, the scorching hot Sylvia Saint who looks too angelic to take it up the ass but who inevitably always did anal in her movies. She plays a lady writer visiting Brazil to write her next novel but instead embarks on an erotic journey finally feeling free to fuck whoever she wants whenever she can. She can’t resist screwing the hunky latin studs or the sun tanned and insatiable women she meets but when she is not screwing she likes to slowly finger and flick her perfect tight little pussy in the intense Brazilian heat. This movie is from a time when porn movies had a luxurious quality and were classy and glamorous and full of extreme sensuality while still reaming explicitly hardcore and totally off the graph.

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