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À propos de Irina Bruni:

Irina Bruni

Private pornstar
  • The Great Mother of Russia is full of beautiful girls. With a sincere smile, a large, sculptured great body and a strong desire to fornicate as a lioness in heat. Irina, also known as Ashley, has three hobbies. Sex is the first one, of course. Hence the 13 productions she has participated in with Private. Second is buying clothes and luxury items. And third, drinking like a Cossack and wiggling her round ass in the discos. Irina is like any other coaster, what did you expect?
  • Pseudonyme:Ashley
  • Mensurations :-
  • Taille:-
  • Poids:-
  • Lieu de naissance:-
  • Nationalité :Russian
  • Date de naissance:-
  • Signe Astrologique:-
  • Couleur de cheveux:-
  • Couleur des yeux:-
  • Tatouages:-
  • Piercings:-

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